Personal Chef Services


My #1 goal is to provide​ you with...

Fresh - Healthy - Creative - Personal Cuisine & Custom Menus


Focused on giving you, your family and your guests 

a healthy cultural dining experience. From intimate dinners to large events, 

whether you are single, a couple, a family, a small tribe, or a large tribe...

I can accommodate your event requests and requirements!


Anniversaries | Birthday's | Intimate Dinners

Friends & Family Dinners

Thanksgiving | Christmas | New Years | Valentines Day

Lunches | Brunches | Picnics | BBQs

Vacation Home Rentals

Cooking Classes



Luncheons | Picnics | Dinners | Banquets

Team Building Cooking Classes



Special events and celebrations


Bachelorette Parties | Bachelor Parties

Rehearsals | Receptions

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​​Professional Personal Chef Services, Catering Services, Healthy Meals and Dinner Party Chef Services for intimate settings, individuals, families, businesses, social and athlete events: Napa personal chefs, Sonoma personal chefs and San Francisco personal chefs offering planning, meal preparation, meal delivery and cleanup.
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