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Emily Crichton 

" Hiring Aaron for a milestone birthday party was the best gift I could have given myself! Not only did he come up with an incredible menu (along with wine and signature cocktails) that accommodated multiple picky eaters and fit the occasion perfectly, but he executed it with the utmost efficiency, professionalism, and charm. Aaron's passion for his work and his unique culinary perspective was evident in every dish that he made and in every conversation that I had with him. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Aaron... I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a personal chef. Thank you, Aaron! " -- Emily Crichton

Arianna Messplay

Chef Aaron is the best personal/private chef we have ever hired. His food is exquisite, creative, and delicious. He is able to spruce up dishes and make them healthier and tastier. We had Chef Aaron cook a dinner for our family gathering where there was a big age range (toddler, child, young adults and old adults ;)). He was able to navigate the different ranges of preferences and create a delicious meal that everyone enjoyed, and had the young child asking for a seconds serving. On top of his tasty food and beautiful presentation, Chef Aaron is personable and extremely friendly, having him in our home felt like having an old friend you could chat forever with. We just wish he lived in San Diego so we could have him cook for us all the time. We can’t wait to come back to Napa so we can have Chef Aaron cook for us again.

Lee Erby

I’ve been enjoying Chef Aaron LeRoi’s cuisine for about a year now. I specially use his ongoing meal services - the food is exceptional.

The ingredients are quality, the taste is amazing, and it is always consistent. You will not be disappointed by Chef Aaron. Not only is he a true professional, but he is also a stand-up guy.

Congrats, you found the perfect Chef for whatever you’re looking for!

Katelynn Moranville

Chef Aaron LeRoi. Enough said. His food is so great and full of flavor. He makes these fire dishes but also has fun with it. His passion for cooking is evident in not only the taste of his dishes but in the way he executes it all. He was very welcoming and engaged with my family and I as we watched him cooked and got to hear about his story as a professional private chef. Wouldn’t recommend anyone else!

Blake H.

Chef Aaron! I had the pleasure of his gourmet meals for my 50th bday party and recently for my mother on Mother’s Day. There are not enough stars to rate his talent, innovation and personal touch! So glad he was able to visit MD to have his succulent shrimp, brown rice with quinoa and callaoo (greens). Thank you Chef Aaron!

Christina Jawad

Chef Aaron cooked at our rental property in Napa Valley yesterday for my husbands birthday. Food was EXCELLENT. He is an awesome chef and very personalable. I can’t wait to come back so we can hire him again. It was nice being able to relax in the comfort of our home and have a gourmet dinner.

Judith DeBose

I had the opportunity to experience Chef Aaron's cuisine on Mother's. A generous offering of Jerk Shrimp, callalou and tomatoes, on a bed of quinoaa "grits". The food was well seasoned, just enough heat, and such a clever combination. I love the healthy alternative twist with the quinoa instead of cornmeal. Highly recommend.

Well done, Chef Aaron!

Michelle Hightower

Chef Aaron has been creating great dishes for over a decade. We first hired him to cater a Superbowl party we were hosting in 2009 for about 10 people. Chef prepared 5 unique dishes (he created the menu on his owm) that were a big hit with all of our guests, all night long people kept commenting on how good the food was although they didn't have to say much since almost everybody went back for seconds and in some cases, thirds.

Fast forward to present day and during the pandemic Chef has been offering a variety of healthy, well-balanced meals and they haven't disappointed. I've included a picture of the Mother's Day meal so you can see what I'm talking about.

If you're looking for a hard working chef who is passionate about food, creative and pays great attention to detail then Chef Aaron is your guy, whatever your flavor preferences are he will deliver great tasting, expertly prepared food.

Chef Aaron LeRoi
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