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Private Chef San Rafael California

Your personal chef dining experience in San Rafael CA & the heart of Wine Country. Catering San Rafael CA with an array of culinary crafted cuisine.

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Personalize Your Celebration Your Way.
Private Chef Dining Experience San Rafael CA.

Food Tells A Story

That last sip of sugary milk from the bottom of a bowl hits like it’s 1999 again. The greasy, chicken-y fingers catching the crumbs nestled between those maple laden doughy squares makes you wonder just how many mason jars were used to catch fireflies after all. The crimson hued zip of tomato soup and a perfectly humble grilled cheese made those sick days a little more manageable.


We share meals as a form of gathering, love, and connection. The years behind me as a chef have proven its more than a delicious plate - people crave an experience, a memory, a shared indulgence.


From shakshuka for a communal Caribbean table, to a 7-course tribute to the east coast, down to a whole head-on red snapper for a Mediterranean bash, my passion runs deep in telling the stories of those who sit before my plates. 

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