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Becoming A Chef

A Chef's Life For Me

L  e - R  o  i :   M  e  a  n  i  n  g   " T  h  e - K  i  n  g "

Being a chef isn't just about "being a chef" Its a lifestyle, a status amongst my piers, a presence in a room, a quality that is sought after by authentic people, an attribute that is highly ingrained in our culture.

My passion started at a young age participating in local family fundraisers, high school functions focused around food, and early industry exposure. My curiosity grew stronger for culinary arts so I took it to the next level by attending the the prestigious Culinary Institute Of America in Hyde Park New York. While educating myself through culinary school I traveled to northern California pursuing a farm to table program. Learning and appreciating where it comes from and how produce, meats, and more are taken care of invigorated my culinary passion. I fell in love with the beautiful Napa Valley & surrounding bay area. Graduating culinary school with my Associates in Culinary Arts & Bachelor's Of Professional Studies in 2014 was that start of what has been one exciting journey so far. In 2014 after my graduation I tapped into the connections and relationships I made and took a big risk. Packing my bags from my hometown of Cooksville Maryland and traveling across country to our beautiful California to pursue my culinary dream was thrilling. I have been fortunate enough to become one of the leading and influential private chefs in the Bay Area residing in  beautiful Napa Valley. I have been recognized by movers and shakers through the area including the Oakland "Las Vegas" Raiders, Olympian Ryan Murphy, notable CEO's, and artists alike, as well as a wide range of wineries such as Far Niente Winery, Fontanella Winery, Monticello Winery, Covert Estate, Anaba Winery, Strala Vineyards, Ehlers Estate, Donum Estate, Quixote Winery, and counting. Serving and creating a unique and thoughtful experience in private dining had become my expertise. Incorporating influences from my heritage in the Caribbean islands, and upbringing in Maryland and South Carolina allows me to create an abundance of traditional & modern dishes.

Chef Aaron LeRoi
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